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Floridian pronunciation, apparently from "vage", a word for the pussy (vagina). I heard this word being used by an auctioneer in Tamarac, Florida.
This doll is anatomically correct. It even has a little vudge!
by pentozali December 29, 2005
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Bulgarian for "uncle fucker", pronounced "CHEE-choh-YEH-bets". From a Bulgarian translation of the South Park song "Uncle Fucka".
Someone was wondering about the language used on one South Park video we were watching: it was Bulgarian, not Russian. The video was "Uncle Fucka", in Bulgarian: "Chichoyebets".
by pentozali June 12, 2010
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Acronym for "laughing so loudly my pants are falling".
I just saw that performance by PDQ Bach and I'm, like, lslmpaf!
by pentozali November 22, 2005
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Pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a computer keyboard to boot, reboot, or clear a program on the computer.
My computer stalled, so I have to give it the three-finger salute.
by pentozali January 29, 2009
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Shortened forms of the numbers from eleven to twenty, used by some musicians as a way of counting beats in music that has time signatures over ten beats per measure.
"One two three four five six seven eight nine ten len wel thirn forn fin sin sen ayn ine un...what kind of a crazy piece of music is this, in 20/16?" I'e never seen anything like it before!
by pentozali November 21, 2008
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Two words that don't seem to make sense together; large corporations can and often do use unethical means to gain public trust and their precious capital, for example, building big-box shopping malls on environmentally sensitive land where there may be endangered flora and fauna.
The corporate ethics of some of these food producers in Brazil leave a lot to be desired.
by pentozali October 2, 2010
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A really cool percussion instrument from the Basque people. It consists of two long thick planks of wood, and is played usually by two people standing opposite each other across the planks of the instrument. Each player holds two thick sticks or dowels, and the first player initiates the rhythmic pattern. The sticks are held loosely in each hand and are "bounced" on the planks, each stick rebounding from the board like a yo-yo. A well-played txalaparta produces a rich, woody tone. Pronounced "chah-lah-PAHR-tah".
At the festival, there were some Basque musicians, and two of them were playing a txalaparta.
by pentozali February 13, 2009
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