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To be very emotional about a person, place, or thing. the word is a bugbear of grammar purists.
Every time Shirley goes to San Francisco, she'd emote about the hiking trails near the Presidio.
by pentozali October 18, 2006
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Stuck at home because the weather outdoors is too cold to go outside.
Go outside? Today? You gotta be kidding---it's -10 degrees Fahrenheit! I'm encolded!
by pentozali December 3, 2009
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A schwa (represented by an upside-down lower-case "e" in dictionaries) inserted between two consonants to aid pronunciation. Czech and Armenian frequently use epenthetic schwas. "Epenthetic" means "inserted" and is pronounced "eh-pen-THET-ik".
The word "prst", which is Czech for "finger", has an epenthetic schwa between the "p" and the "r" and is pronounced "purrst".
by pentozali March 10, 2009
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Inferior-quality guns, other weapons, radios, etc. issued to soldiers in the US Army. From EQUIPment + krypTONITE.
What's going on? We pukes only get the equiptonite! How are we supposed to fight this war?!
by pentozali March 25, 2008
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The thick, white fluid produced by an ejaculation; semen.
Oh, man, I really had a great fuck last night! I musta squirted my essence of manhood about ten times!
by pentozali August 28, 2006
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What a chemistry student might want to name one of his cats
Ethyl Salicylate, meet Vi Nyl!
by pentozali August 18, 2013
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Pronounced "ettle bettle", these are the Yiddish words for the "cat's cradle" string figure known worldwide.
Bubbeleh, you want to learn etl-betl? Kim tzu mir, I'll teach you!
by pentozali February 13, 2013
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