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Famous pirate radio announcer who ran Radio Free Euphoria. His programs were aimed at reforming marijuana use laws and were often laced with great psychedelic rock music and humor.
For a while, WBCQ used to air both old and new programs from Captain Ganja.
by pentozali November 25, 2006

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Famous former pirate radio broadcaster who now has programs on the shortwave station WBCQ. A Maine native, he coins his own expressions like "zorched" for "electrically shorted, blown out", "Verminmont" for "Vermont", "Clownada" for "Canada", "Howareya" for "Hawaii", among many others. A frequent attendee of the annual Winter SWL (shortwave listener) Fests at the Best Western Towamencin in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania.
Hey, there're Timtron andCaptain Ganja at the Fest!
by pentozali April 02, 2007

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"You'd better listen to me, you f00kin' slohbs!", said Maharishi Hashishi Ali Ganja.
by pentozali September 11, 2011

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The button or switch that you use to call nurses and doctors, usually located behind your hospital bed. Because it takes "one ring to bring them all".
Looks like I'm gonna have to use the Mordor button now---damn glucose IV line keeps on coming out of my arm!
by pentozali September 18, 2007

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Batman's arch enemy and a major headache for The Caped Crusader. The Joker could give even Superman a major headache!
It's The Joker up to his old tricks!
by pentozali July 28, 2008

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Chicken soup, owing to its efficacy as a remedy for colds, flu, stomach problems, etc.
Bubbeleh, kim tzu mir*. Grandma's got Jewish penicillin for you! *"Kim tzu mir" is Yiddish for "come to me".
by pentozali January 10, 2006

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Children, especially really annoying, hyper children who always seem to be getting into trouble and/or everyone's way.
Can't I ever get a good quiet meal at this restaurant? Every time I go here, there are always a few rug rats running around who don't look where they're going!
by pentozali April 09, 2007

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