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A Pokemon I'd like to see: a Grass Type with kangaroo-like features that can form any tool, including a hammer, from its "pouch". Two types of attack it can use are Leaf Blade and Hammer.
That Rootool won't be able to stand up to a Rock Type!
by pentozali January 6, 2007
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Pronounced "VORR-duh-vogh" with the "rr" strongly trilled and the "gh" a gargled "r" as in French, this Armenian word means "faggot".
Hovsep vorrdvogh e! (Translation: Joseph is a faggot!)
by pentozali July 15, 2006
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The jets of water seen in Jacuzzis where women congregate to have a little more than just conversation. You know they're masturbating when you hear them giggle!
You can always tell when those girls are talkin' to the little boy in the boat when you see them flock around those joy jets!
by pentozali March 28, 2007
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Small rubber cone placed on a finger to help you turn pages easier in a document or book, from FINGer + conDOM.
I have to check through this 100-page batch here for a voucher. Sandra, do you have any fingdoms, please?
by pentozali October 3, 2007
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Used as an adjective, this means old-fashioned, out-of-date. Usually applied to attitudes.
Man, Mr. McMahon is so slide rule! Why does he always use long division, when there's a calculator right on his desk?
by pentozali May 1, 2008
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The times of day when you realize that it's too early or too late to call friends and/or family. "Hoot" is an acronym that stands for "hold off on telephone". "Hoot" also suggests times of the day when owls are active and hooting.
Adam: Do you think it's okay to call Barbara and Debbie for a hike up in the Catskills?
John: I dunno, Adam, I think it's hoot time for Debbie. She works a graveyard shift and usually hits the sack first thing when she gets home.
by pentozali July 19, 2009
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Occurs when you have your eye on something you want or need and you're competing with one or more people for the same thing, like a seat on the train or a much-coveted book. It's as if you had shone an imaginary laser pointer at the seat or book, in order to claim your right to have it.
(To passenger on bus): Excuse me, but I saw that seat first. In case you didn't notice,I have two sick kids.
Sorry, laser lock! (Passenger, mumbling): Ayyyy, que la tiznada!
by pentozali October 19, 2007
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