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Famous Ukrainian rebel warrior of 15-18th centuries. Correctly written from Ukrainian - Kozak

Also Ukrainian kozaks greatly influenced the formation of Russian cossacks (KAZAK in Russian).
Those had their share of fame much later on in 19-20th centuries.

Around half of Russian cossacks are Ukrainian by blood.
You'd be surprised to know that the famous Russian Cossack dancing is not russian at all. The cossack dance such as GOPAK is actually from Ukraine.
by Anatoliy September 13, 2005
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hao counter cossacks
An unstoppable killing machine from the age of Rape & Pillage, nothing could stop them, not even Pikemen with Italian Priests!
Yeah I was 6v6ing in Europa and TKoV was soaring until we got cossack rushed, hao counter cossacks?
by Dr. DEM January 07, 2010
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Slavic people living in southern European Russia and Ukraine and adjacent parts of Asia and noted for their horsemanship and militarykill; they formed an elite cavalry corps in czarist Russia
I was bored while doing AP History packets.
by IRISHrepublicanARMY December 29, 2003
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Russian cavalry men. Usually not in the formal russian military but still served their nation to the death. SOme of the best horsemen ever. in ww2 were often mowed down by German tanks as they charged they Panzers with their spears.
"Those dumb cossacks allways getting their blood onmy tank! I just got this thing painted!"-German tank captian after a cossack attack
by Gunrussian July 06, 2004
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An ethnic slur used for a Russian person. Comes from the cossack soldiers in russia.
Hey Boris! You fucking cossack!
by BillIsHere August 02, 2005
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