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A very nice, kind girl with a big heart very serious in times but also has a very playful side, definitely good to hangout, chill with or even go on an adventure with. Also very pretty and silly
Dang, I wish I was Vy's bf or ever just friend , cuz she's awesome!!!
by Banana thang March 18, 2016
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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The prettiest girl that a human being can ever lay eyes on and the walking definition of what a beautiful girl is supposed to be.
Just the sight of Vy makes my eyes happy like a fatty at a buffet.
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a girl who looks like an angel but might very well play a game of ping pong with your heart. she was the sexiest of evil...the perfect sin, the most beautiful of mistakes. many moons later, you will one day run into her and turn towards the door and run like a little girl in order to avoid the awkward situation that lies ahead of will than gain introspection and look back on her as quite possibly your favorite mistake.
Hombre 1: hey, isnt that the asian girl you used to date and be blowin up the phone with a while back? shes pretty freaking hot dude.
Hombre 2: oh is. its been soooo long.....yessir, pretty little Vy.....looks innocent with her sweet smile but she might play you for a fool and leave you with the crippling sensation of having a hole punched right through your heart, sending wracking waves of hurt through your limbs and your head..
hombre 1: yeah man, it was pretty gnarly. i remember taking evening walks in the late summer with you downtown at night to cure your emo heartbreak.
hombre 2: bittersweet memories my man...ones that i am being forced to revisit by seeing her across a room after all this time....i know my lungs must be intact, but i gasp for air and my head spins like my efforts are yielding me nothing.
hombre 1: she really holds that much power over someone who once fell hard for her after all that time has passed, eh? im sorry though dude, she is still hot.
hombre 2: si, es verdad...muy bonita. i guess she does. ahhh well...que sera, sera though dude.
by NorCalRepresentInTheOTown August 07, 2011
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A sweet, cute, honest and sometime sexy little baby girl that love White chocolate.
that's girl is such a Vy.
by lordlubu February 03, 2010
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a sweet and innocent angel that deserves attention!
Vy loves to have candle light dinners on the beach with her loved one.
by aNnOnOmys June 24, 2004
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Vy an Vietnamese girl who is addicted to Boba, Vy will always ask if you want boba even if you don't want boba. NEVER threaten Vy about boba because that will be the last of you.
"Dang I want some Boba I wish Vy was here"
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by Vy A BOBA ADDICT September 14, 2019
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