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Represents doing what you like; having a good time
"this is the year of the condor, we're just going to chill out all the time"
by Coach Carl April 19, 2005
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(NOUN) He is the masked protector of humanity. His mask is the skin he wears during the day to disguise himself as a human.
by chestyman August 13, 2008
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Slang for a Twinkie, used to not attract attention of people who will steal your Twinkies.
Jason: Do you have my Condors?
Bailey: Yeah, I got the Condors.
by Marauding8_Antisec May 07, 2012
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A bird that has an appetite for small children and babies. Sometimes known to raise babies as their, but usually eat them once they get big enough.
A condor just swooped down and grabbed my baby from the backseat of my convertible! help me!
by dustin v (a.k.a) d-ruck October 19, 2005
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Somebodys mother who's really ugly and looks like a condor.
Can be adapted to anything ugly or uncool. Usually a "squawk" is followed in agreement
Docta Ghey: That girl is such a Condor
Mr Dude: SQUAWK!
by FoolMonk April 17, 2007
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A girl with a great body but an unattractive face, much like the California Condor, a bird with a beautiful, majestic wingspan, but a really ugly head.
"That girl is really hot"

"Dude, that's a total Condor"
by DonkeyJote August 08, 2013
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A Condor is when you are totally waisted and you are getting a blow job from a chick while you are standing and she's on her knees. Then you realize you're going to throw up, so you start to whistle like a bird. When she looks up with her eyes while still doing her business you blow chow on her face! That is called a Condor!
The Condor is when you drink way over your limit. You find a chick way below your normal standards to blow you because you're so shit faced she's just happy you will talk to her. She blows you, you whistle to get her to look up and you throw up on her face.
by Yettyhunter February 18, 2008
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