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Small guitarlike instrument from the Andean countries of South America about the size of a ukulele, with a delicate tinkly sound almost like a harp, although there are other sizes including the smaller walaycho and the larger ronroco. Charangos are now made exclusively of wood, since the original material, armadillo shell, comes from a severely endangered animal and it is now illegal to export the instruments made from the animal. However, old armadillo shell charangos are legal for export and purchase as long as one has the proper documentation. Paul Simon and Arthur Garfunkel brought this instrument to the world's attention because of their collaborative efforts with Los Incas in the songs "El Condor Pasa" and "Duncan".
You bring your quena, John, bring your sikus, and I'll bring my charango. Let's play some music, guys!
by pentozali October 14, 2013
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