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a transormer that can turn into a carrot and talks in ebonics
niggatron is a decepticon
by patty January 24, 2005

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Lick My Pussy!
if a guy is pissing you off, turn to him and say, "You know what (name)...LMP" and just walk away.
by Patty July 01, 2004

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Nothing, as in zilch
by Patty September 15, 2003

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Bothering , troubling greatly.

Chico DeBarge has a great song, "Iggin' Me".
"It's iggin' me, baby
To know you got a man..."
by Patty September 21, 2004

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A joke shared between three AP European History dorks prior to an exam that they all failed. A play-off on the Fashoda Crisis.

Is an even more ghetto version of "fo sho" - means "fa sho, duh."

Credited to Cassie M. 3/21/05
"Heya, did you see that cute guy walk by?"

by Patty March 26, 2005

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Jack the Retard is well.... a retard most obvioulsy. Also he is the only retard to get a job; he is a star wars producer working under john lucas
Good for Jack the Retard
there goes jack the retard; the only retard to get a job
by Patty December 12, 2004

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Inviting people to go with you to your house or a pub or some such under the guise that you will be politely socializing, but instead poison and torment them, whether physically or mentally.
evil entertainter: wanna hang at my house later tonight?
unsuspecting person: sure! sounds fun!
evil entertainter: would you like some tea?
unsuspecting person: thanks!
evil entertainter: you know, you really are a nasty whore.
unsuspecting whore: well you are an entertainter! ugh i think im going to faint.
by patty August 28, 2005

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