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a transormer that can turn into a carrot and talks in ebonics
niggatron is a decepticon
by patty January 24, 2005
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A John-Deere cotton harvesting machine that is basically a slave that doesn't need food or water
Damn my fellow cracker! I just bought myself a slave-o 2000. That ain't a slave-o 2000, thats the new NIGGATRON. Now it's time to fuck my cousin
by allahu-snackbar May 13, 2018
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Niggatron someone who changes their life around or is always changing or improving
Convo q: hey bro you ever going to go back to the Trap?

a: nah bro I decided to go Niggatron I want to constantly keep changing to improve myself every time!

Wow I've never heard that before good for you my nigga!

by Skywalker 94 November 20, 2018
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Niggatron is the true identity of Santa Clause, he is a black transformer who lays the one and only official christmas pudding each and every year. His motto is "Bros before HO HO HOES"
'Niggatron' just layed the official xmas pudding down in the 3rd floor corridor.
by Fezza WooWoo December 25, 2008
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Giant, enormous, or large Nigga that is usually at least 6’ 4” and has very stereotypical negroid features. Can also transform, like Megatron, into piles of shit.
Oh damn Ryan, did you see that nigger? He is one god damn Niggatron. I can smell him from here!!
by MonkeyTamer6230 October 31, 2018
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