Not necessarily overweight but having a lot of of loose skin that gives on the appearence of being fat.
He's skinny but hes got all this flabby skin hanging over his jeans.
by JS8810 November 14, 2007
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Adjective, used in describing a body which is overweight, with hanging parts of fat. Examples can be found above the hips, and at the back of the atms (behind the triceps muscle).
Look at that flabby skank, when she walks her flapping creates a warming breeze!
by Viio July 20, 2005
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what your inner thighs are when you sit down and allow them to relax.
by italianstallion17 February 2, 2008
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A descriptive adjective indicating superior quality.
Man, that's a flabby motorcycle!!
by tyler4d February 6, 2005
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hooper, a flabby boi wit lots of flab. e may call me podgy but i dunt caer coz every1 knows e is a flabby poo
hooper is a flabby boi!!
by NICOLE JUSTINE WARD December 12, 2005
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Bad or gross. It can also be used to replaced the famous "f" word. you know what that is..
Shannon and David Schoch went in the bathroom to Flab.

Ew, that pizza looks flabby..
by ohgoditsdarceyx January 8, 2010
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Anyone or anything that is past it prime. Or not peforming adequately. Derived from the Tupac song Against All Odds.
Man, the Raiders offensive is trash, they o-line looking Flabby and Sick.
by fuckyouno February 24, 2010
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