Being trapped within yourself
I feel as if I am confined within myself.
by Confin3d December 4, 2013
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Keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space,scope,quanity,or time)
He does not confine his message to politics.
by ddddrrrynhgggggggggggdadevin January 23, 2018
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An oxymoronic term used to metaphorically describe a finiteinfinity”; confined “infinity.”
It’s taking a confinity for class to end.
It’ll be a confinity before the next round starts.
by applebin September 4, 2020
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Trapped inside my wet loving dark blue brief underwear.
When I was a child urinating myself I got a crush to cry being confined inside my loving dark blue brief underwear.
by Turo Fernandez September 26, 2018
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When you have no internet and all you can do all day long is play solitaire.
When Mom took away my network card, I was in solitaire confinement for a week.
by KikiMiki January 3, 2008
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Lit., A dish traditionally served to inmates or shipmates, rumored to contain saltpeter (potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate), a notorious suppressor of male libido; Figuratively, any unsaisfying answer, inadequate response, or chicken-shit explanation given by the powers-that-be to anyone subject to their authority.
"I tried to get a straight answer from the warden, but all he was dealin' was confinement loaf."

"I asked her ten times what was wrong, but all she'd serve me was confinement loaf."

"The reporters kept coming back to what Bush actually said, but all they could get from his press-secretary was confinement loaf."

by Dr. Warren James April 26, 2007
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when one is put into a area where one does not make normal levels of social contacts with other people
the inmate that tried to escape, they assigned him solitray confinement for a year
by matt furlani October 7, 2003
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