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It is a virtual hotel that gets you sucked in and makes you buy fake furniture and makes you spend over $100 on fake furniture. This place really sucks.
Habbo Hotel is a place that sucks you in to buying fake furniture
by Parker July 04, 2004
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A girl who is beautiful
Katie shea is a girl who is beautiful
by Parker February 02, 2005
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lesbian or one who enjoys giving a woman oral sex.
Check out those vageterians, they sure seem to be enjoying them selves.
by Parker January 27, 2004
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referring to an ugly girl
Hell naw, I ain't messin wt dat mudduck
(Hell naw i ain't messin wit her)
by parker December 09, 2002
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Rutgers (Camden) the place where 2 female students get abducted form the parking lot in broad daylight, get raped, and all the school does is add a few lights. A fire in the dorms every 2 weeks because lazy ass people can't walk outside to smoke. Can't get an edible meal, but could walk outside and get a kilo of the best coke/crack/heroin you've ever had in your life. Only school where non-certified teachers are teaching major-related requirements for students. Same "Teachers" that don't offer optional attendence, but make the exams harder than all the previous years because people dont show up to the class.
I feel like getting some drugs, i'll go to Rutgers.
by Parker March 24, 2005
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The knobs who not so much as walk down the street, but like to sway, probably coz the size of their brains give them the wrong co-ordinates of which way to walk.
They like to go to the skateparks in groups of 10 or more wearing their crappy "Burberry" caps, most of them will be on bikes, so as to make a quick getaway.
What do ya call a townie with half a brain?.....Gifted
by Parker September 09, 2003
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when a person grabs or wrongfully touches a female breast. 8008 is pager code for boob. These pager codes can also go for other violations.
"That was a violationn 8008" after a person has wrongfully touched your boob.
by Parker March 10, 2004
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