A largest university in New Jersey where students are not spoonfed like other universities. The premiere public university of New Jersey. Home of the now famous grease trucks. Constantly plagued by retards spreading urban legend of having a high rate of STDs.
1. Here at Rutgers, we won't baby you. Do you your work.
by eelanahineb September 23, 2005
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Rutgers is the state University of New Jersey. Just like any other school, it has its ups and downs. 95% of the student population is from New Jersey. If you come to Rutgers to learn, you will be taught well, but if you come to party, you will have a good time, and might not do so well in your classes. Rutgers University (RU) is known for the RU screw, which is how the administration screws over students in almost every department, including housing, academic, and social. The Rutgers football team isnt great, but there is still pride for them. Overall, it wants to be great and tries really hard to do it, but in general is just a typical school.
I dont know where Im going to go to college, so I guess I'll just go to Rutgers
by rutgers student April 14, 2009
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A school where the dirty get STDs but the clean are the most awesome people on earth. In new jersey rutgers isn't noticed as a great school, but everyone knows that it's much better than pennstate. People you better step up and realize that rutgers=greatest place on earth.
when you go to rutgers only the dirty std infected and the losers read the medium.
by asart June 8, 2005
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Rutgers (Camden) the place where 2 female students get abducted form the parking lot in broad daylight, get raped, and all the school does is add a few lights. A fire in the dorms every 2 weeks because lazy ass people can't walk outside to smoke. Can't get an edible meal, but could walk outside and get a kilo of the best coke/crack/heroin you've ever had in your life. Only school where non-certified teachers are teaching major-related requirements for students. Same "Teachers" that don't offer optional attendence, but make the exams harder than all the previous years because people dont show up to the class.
I feel like getting some drugs, i'll go to Rutgers.
by Parker March 24, 2005
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When you pass of work to and unwilling party because of some shitty excuse that you blew out of proportion.
Stethem got rutgered into driving to Chicago today in -20 degrees because Ernsburger’s wife might have a baby in a month.
by Marth madness January 30, 2019
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The single most amazing lifeform to have ever achieved sentience in this universe, and all others. On rare occasions, a Rutger may allow you to be wrong. He won't really be wrong, he'll just grant you the illusion of being right.
"Dude, have you seen the remote?" "No.. what do you think I am, a Rutger or something?"

When Chuck Norris was twelve years old, he prayed for facial hair, and his wish was mercifully granted by Rutger
by Cap'n Derp May 25, 2011
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Rutgers University is a state university in New Brunswick, New Jersey and is also the largest university in the state, having approximately 30,000 undergraduates. It is home to the division one football team, The Scarlet Knights. Rutgers' football program isn't particularly spectacular, however the students have been known to become roudy and agressive at games, especially towards the male cheerleaders of rival teams. Academic quality varies from department to department at Rutgers but is ranked higher than other state universities in New Jersey such as Montclair State or TCNJ. The long standing rumor that Rutgers undergraduates are plagued by STDs is totally false. Those statistics came from a survey that nobody took seriously, however the female undergraduate's sexual prowess IS equivocal of their male counterparts. (see Hock). Visiting females often are unaware and are subsequently solicited into the one night stand by the men on Guilden Street.
That Rutgers chick gave me the mean ZJ
by StrappedLikeTheNavy July 27, 2008
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