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Can pertain to someone physically unnatractive or ugly on the inside. An ugly girl will usually harbor resentment towards the " hotter friend " and this will manifest itself in many ways.

The ugly girl will usually have a history of being unwanted- both by family and men/boys in general.

Will usually be used as a fuck and chuck, if that.

Due to this low value she will lash out, whether on the internet or towards another girl.

The ugly girl has a history of being known as " the unnatractive one" or the one who can't keep a man's interest other than for one night of sex.

Will usually end up pregnant and abandoned multiple times and die alone.
She was sick of being the ugly girl.
by soso32 January 27, 2009
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Do you want to know why their is no other definition it’s because their isn’t a single ugly girl in the world and their hasn’t ever been because nobody’s ugly people are born how their born and you can’t change that nobody can so of you ever think to yourself and say your ugly in this case your opinion is in valid because no girl or guy is ugly
Ugly girls are like unicorns they don’t exist
by Queen_Dixie May 18, 2018
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A man who tucks his penis and testicles between his legs in an attempt to prove he has a vagina.
You're not a woman. Nice try ugly girl!
by badussy May 04, 2011
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Chin is an ugly girl
Hey, it's Dibella, because there's Chin.
by Gebby January 19, 2005
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