Can pertain to someone physically unnatractive or ugly on the inside. An ugly girl will usually harbor resentment towards the " hotter friend " and this will manifest itself in many ways.

The ugly girl will usually have a history of being unwanted- both by family and men/boys in general.

Will usually be used as a fuck and chuck, if that.

Due to this low value she will lash out, whether on the internet or towards another girl.

The ugly girl has a history of being known as " the unnatractive one" or the one who can't keep a man's interest other than for one night of sex.

Will usually end up pregnant and abandoned multiple times and die alone.
She was sick of being the ugly girl.
by soso32 January 28, 2009
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Ugly girls are not only physically repulsive, but also have absolutely horrible personalities. They spend their time self diagnosing mental illnesses and being triggered about almost anything said in their presence, especially if said by a guy who won't sleep with them or a girl who is prettier than them. They are also generally transtrenders as they have no personality of their own so adopt gender identities to make themselves seem more interesting despite being some of the most dull, uninspired people you will ever meet. Ugly girls can't hold down a job, as everything is "too overwhelming" for them. This includes doing basic human tasks like shaving, brushing their teeth, or making any effort to not be absolutely repulsive. They have no concept of proper human interaction, and so consistently overreact and abuse those around them then blame it on their self diagnosed mental illnesses to absolve themselves of guilt and allow themselves to never grow as a person. They are unnecessarily bitchy about absolutely everything, projecting themselves as the quintessential cunt. Ugly girls can generally be found shadow casting The Rocky Horror Picture Show, watching anime, dying their hair stupid colors, going to school for art or gender and women's studies and subsequently dropping out, and buying boba tea with daddy's money.
I thought she was just ugly, but it turns out she's a full blown ugly girl.
by FuckYouKae March 20, 2019
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physical activities, especially job-related, that are deemed "beneath" one's own personal view of themselves and their own perceived worth, from the belief that "beautiful girls" have laid-back, easy jobs while "ugly girls" do the manual labor, grueling jobs.
"why don't you pick up a broom and help sweep around this place?"

"excuse me? i don't think so! that's ugly girl work there!"
by bottomboy_tj June 5, 2015
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First heard on the tv show The Game, Ugly Girl Syndrome is when a girl is so insecure that she will do ANYTHING to please her man.
Tasha: I just know youve been with so many different women. Beautiful ones, freaky ones.
Rick: Don't tell me you have ugly girl syndrome
Tasha: Oh my god, are you saying im ugly? Im hideous, im an animal, dont look at me Rick!
Rick: Tasha dont be crazy. Youre beautiful. Im just sayin, you actin like you got that syndrome when a girl insecure youll do anything to please your man.
by sfanny January 18, 2009
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when you see the fucking fugliest chicks getting fucked. e.g hairrest ass monkey chick. boobs hang low to ankles, grannys with medium pizza sized nipples, fcking big rolls (12rolls per stomach) FUCKING GROSS SHIT
but ppl get aroused.
cuz they're sick bastards
like Kev :)
ugly girl porn
2girls one cup
no they're not ugly

granny porn
by sexbawmb August 24, 2008
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Often an girl who suffers from Ugly Girl Syndrome is socially retarded. Using tactics such as being a slut she is able to attract a partner. Often she will lie and present herself in a grandiose manner in an attempt to distract a potential mate from her self perceived ugliness. Once mate has "fallin for" said UGS sufferer she will then self sabotage the relationship thus making her the perfect candidate for people not wanting a long term relationship.
John dates girls suffering from Ugly Girl Syndrome because he is not yet ready for a serious commitment.
by satan's personal assistant November 19, 2009
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When you've been deprived of social interaction and/or sexual contact with fit girls, thus ugly girls around you appear to become hotter due to your pent up sexual frustration.
Boy 1 - "Argh i'm so horny, i've been at this god forsaken camp for over 2 weeks now and I still haven't got any, I think i'm gonna make a move for Gretchen."

Boy 2 - "Jesus Christ mate, you have seen what she looks like right? You're suffering from major Ugly Girl Syndrome, you'd better go have a wank and then think about your UGS."
by UGSSSSSS September 5, 2010
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