Adjective to describe an ugly female. Mud is for the make-up caked on, and duck because she's no swan.
Nah, I ain't fuckin' that mudduck you can have her!
by SHIPoNE March 11, 2005
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referring to an ugly girl
Hell naw, I ain't messin wt dat mudduck
(Hell naw i ain't messin wit her)
by parker December 9, 2002
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a white gurl that goes wit blac guys....
:look at that slutty mudduck...
:yea...i dont care its not like anyone wants her now...
by ....... April 4, 2005
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A Minnesota woman who goes to Wisconsin to cheat on her husband while he’s hunting
Charlie’s off hunting so Shirley thought it was a good time to be a mudduck.
by HSHP March 24, 2018
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He was running from the meth mites and mudducks after Raymond turned on the tweaker tube
by Muddy Water January 28, 2021
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