1337 speak for boob, often used on caculators
by Deathangel February 6, 2005
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this spells boobs if you type this on a calculator lol
friend - “it just says 8008 tho..”
me - “hahahaahahahahehehe”
by kittie :3 October 1, 2022
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when a person grabs or wrongfully touches a female breast. 8008 is pager code for boob. These pager codes can also go for other violations.
"That was a violationn 8008" after a person has wrongfully touched your boob.
by Parker March 10, 2004
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A rule, that once someone makes a new rule, you must make a new rule on top of that to ridicule or add to that person's rule.
"That rule isn't long enough, it needs more so ima add to it with a subsection A."

Guy1: "Hey that guy just made a witty new additional rule to that other guy's rule"

Guy2: "Rule 8008"

Guy1: "What a boob."
by theinternetsinsevenparts June 30, 2011
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