23 definitions by nobodythatuneedtobeconcernedwith

a guy who tries to get with a girl just so he can have sex with her and act like a total jerk!
Micheal prides him self on being called a dickhead
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what happens when a guys gets a pice of cotton stuck into the tip of his penis
Bradley suffered from erectile disfuntion for several weeks because he thought it would be fun to stick a Q tip in the tip.
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a menatlly challanged gay bandit.
Bob married Chris not knowing he was a homofagtard.
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that dirty little thing in Bill gates pants that he always wants cleaned by those expensive bus stop hookers.
Bill gates asked crackhead mandy to "clean out" his hard drive for him.
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the effect of sleeping with a hooker with crabs, by the next morning after the encounter the male realizez that the head of his genitals has broken off inside the hooker
After a night of painful sloppy sex Freddy noticed that he had come down with headdisapearance.
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the act of choking and a mans testicals and loosing air due to the large ball of pubic hair lodged in ones throat.
Molly's grandfather died of sac-affixiation
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a sick bastard dressed up im leather riding animals around a ring for his fans and later having sex with the bulls and goats.
Dont let ur babies grow up to be cow boys! thats animal cruelty
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