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A way of say someone is surprised about something, sometimes being a little sarcastic
Ex 1.- my my, What do we have here?
Ex 2.- my my, are you jealous, it's "rare" from you?
by mythical-human August 16, 2009
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the most outrageous, randomest , cutest chick ever.
she may confuse you , but it can amaze you how she can always make you smile and forgive.
I'm sad, I need mymy.
by hcacc July 10, 2008
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She is someone you want in your life. She cares about everyone and always tries to be nice. She is sarcastic to some of her friends that can take jokes but nice to those who are more serious. Mymy will be there for you unless you've done something to make her lose your trust. She has a hard time letting go of toxic friends. If you ever get a chance to date a Mymy, feel lucky. She will cherish you and love you forever. She is crazy, sometimes dumb on purpose, over protective, jealous, but at the end of the day she will give you more love than you've ever experienced.
"Wow Mymy is such a bitch to me"

"Did you do something to her ?"
"I stole her boyfriend..."
"Well that's why she hates you, she only cares about the people who treat her right. You fucked up"
by Someoneradom September 25, 2017
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AKA Doll

A very pretty Vietnamese DOLL.

A wild, loud, funny, sweet, and sometimes angry Vietnamese lady. You don't ever want to mess with her.

The baby of the family.

You're my Doll. You're my Mymy

I miss my Doll. I miss my Mymy
by Sissy sissy sissy August 13, 2010
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Kid: Have you been on my my lately?
Me: Nah, bra, facebook is were it is at!
by Lonnie Monroe June 11, 2007
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