another way of saying ayt or ok. usually used as an affirmation
person one: can you stop being a simp and come over
person two: straigh
by urrrranusss December 01, 2020
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A person with breeding kink, but also someone who is so deeply stuck in the closet that they have to prove their straghtness to themselves
"Kyle identifies as a super straight, but would probably fuck a trans dude, only because one was born with vagina."
by Snufkinsaidfuckyou March 09, 2021
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(pronounced "stray-sted") When normally homosexual people get intoxicated to the point that they accidentally participate in sexual activity with the opposite sex.
Ellen: "Dammit, I was so drunk last night that I accidentally touched a penis."

Guin: "God, ew, Ellen. Way to switch teams on us!"

Ellen: "I was straigh-sted!!"
by SSkim November 21, 2008
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A heterosexual with the stereotypical tastes or affectations of a homosexual
I was sure that he was gay because of his love of Judy, Liza and Barbra, but it turns out he's just a straigh-mo.
by MarciaPartridge October 22, 2009
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