A phrase used by porn sites to describe hired actresses.

They can say this without it being false advertisement because the alternative to a real girl is a fake girl.
This is a website about real girls having sex captured on camera. They get filmed sucking, fucking, and taking it in the ass on what (they thought) would be for private home video.

Johnny: Dude, check out this porn site. It has real girls being filmed by their boyfriends who all incidentally have the same personalities and humor and then the video gets leaked.

Fohnny: Those aren't actually amateurs. Here's different sites with the same girls.

Johnny: The marketers for these sites are desperate, autofellating virgins.
by FoxMcWeezer December 30, 2014
A legitimate girl who hosts a webcam chat that doesn't solicit porn sites or spam like most cam girls (a.k.a. cam whores)
I was talking to Kara22innc on AIM last night and she got me into her cam chat for free! I was surprised to actually find a real cam girl to to talk to who wasn't just looking to make money!
by qwerty12345 February 20, 2006
A women that puts you first because she know you will as soon as she shows you what’s she about

She will ride, cry, die for you, makes you crazy, honest, in action and words will never let you down and there no reason to 2nd guess if she has your back because she show you every day
Man I found a real 1 girl could be the that one
by That one 1 November 19, 2019
1. Tonya-Chicago
2. Cameran-Sand diego
3. Trishelle-Las vegas
4. Mallory-Paris
5. Sarah-Philly
Others receiving votes: The girls mj and brad had one night stands with
Dude 1:Dude wre u just in the bathroom
dude 2: Yeah i was chokin my chicken i just watched real world chicago.....Tonyas fuckin amazing
by the king tits December 14, 2004
The “hot girl” ideology got so much bigger than one thinks. It is not descriptive of any particular lifestyle, but instead representative of a “Fuck you, I do what I want” mindset. Megan Thee Stallion is the best representative of this term. She’s a hot girl because she trolls conservative politicians with songs titled “Wet Ass Pussy” and “Thot Shit.” But she’s also a hot girl because she’s balancing completing her bachelor’s degree while being one of the biggest rising stars in Hip Hop. The hot girl movement is about being a person – femme or otherwise – who’s unapologetic. Who’s multidimensional and committed to bringing all of their ambitions to life. Someone who doesn’t have to choose between sexy and smart, hardworking and spoiled, friendly and assertive – like Megan herself.

“Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth , being the life of the party etc," Megan tweeted in 2019.
by elderhotgirl August 14, 2022
The REAL definition of a pick me. A female who craves attention from men or women. Will do anything to get attention such as send noods, post attention seeking pics while claiming other females who disapprove are "just jealous". They also tend to only acknowledge males, never their female partners.
Normal girl: " You posted a pic to show off your new shirt, but all you see is cleavage.
Pick me girl (real)"you're just jealous"

Pick me Girl (real) (Joins fb car group and Tries to post a pic of her car, but she's in a bikini infront of it)

Pick me girl (real): runs up to a couple and pretends she's best friends with the guy, while ignoring his partner.
by Notfake123 August 16, 2021
Women that say this are usually about go out and be a hoe. Hot girls are women who dress with their jaws and tits hanging out. Usually are in public stealing other women’s boyfriends or husbands. (They normally go for the ones that have fat ass wallets; Hot girls don’t f*ck with broke men.) They twerk just about anywhere. Women that say this are usually about go out and be a hoe.
“Hey Cindy! Girl it’s about to be some real hot girl shit going down today bitchhh!”

Ayeee period hoe! 🤪🥳”
by Only fans how bitch sick shit November 7, 2021