Intercourse involving a lot of bodily fluid and fumbling; often comdom free and/or result of inebriation.
"We went back to his place and had wet, sloppy sex."
by Sleep-o-potamus May 5, 2016
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Eating copious amounts of pizza from any credible place with your partner then attempting to engage in sexual activity shortly after; often associated with low stamina, severe fatigue, high body temperature, a disgusting amount of sweat, shortness of breath, uncomfortable fullness, giving up half-way through sex, and the realization of how pointless it is to attempt having sex after destroying a fuck ton of pizza.
Girl: Babe, let's get pizza tonight!
Guy: Okay.
*couple proceeds to destroy 4 pizzas*

Guy: Babe, I'm so full, let's have sloppy pizza sex !
Girl: Let's see if we can finish this time.

*5 minutes into sex*
Guy: I give up.
Girl: It's okay, so do i.
by ch33kz April 7, 2015
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