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The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Their true purpose is sinister.
Beware of the aglets
by nickreaper January 08, 2012

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The pseudonym of a British comedian who reviews knock off gaming sytems, action figures, mp3 players, or any other interesting tat that winds up in his local PoundLand.

He's aquainted with the likes of Chef Excellence, The God Monster of Indian Flats, and The Silver Skull...a pathetic "serial killer" that holds a grudge against him JUST BECAUSE.

He's known for his sarcastic, often random, and sometimes witty comedy that makes his ridiculous and ludicrously implausable line of work seem like something worth doing.

He's the fourth most subscribed YouTube user in the United Kingdom...and that's about all he's accomplished with his life.
Garitt the Pumpkin Wrangler: "Hey, did you see the latest Ashens video?"

Abraham Lincoln: "'Did I see it?' I was there when he filmed it"

Garitt: "W-...what?"

Abe: "Totally worth the $600 plane tickets, and $400 for the six weeks of espionage lessons...and $300 spy kit"
by nickreaper December 09, 2011

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What a cinnabon should be called. Each comes with it's own cup of piping hot cum. Coined by stand-up comedian Louis C.K.
Yeah, give me a Fat Faggot Treat please...Yes with the hot cum! What, do you think I have integrity? I'm getting a cinnabon right now...at the airport...that I arrived at! I could go home and eat real food, but I'm getting a fuckin' cinnabon, an old one too! How long have you had these laying out?
by nickreaper March 07, 2012

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In the fictional story of the game Assassin's Creed and it's sequels the Templars are a near thousand year old Christian group of knights, politicians, and other high authority figures (as well as civilians) who's goal is for a "better world". Though their means of doing so are questionable, as is their actual "goal" in the first place. The Templars were political juggernauts in much of the 12th century and renaissance.

They are the sworn enemy of the Assassin Order, who, despite their name, are more or less the peace keepers in this ongoing war. The Templars truly long for world domination using ancient artifacts believed (and in the story eventually proven) to hold mystical powers.

The Templars are based on, and infact are the Knights Templar, a Christian band of knights from the 12th century. As well as their rivals the Assassin Order being based on the real life band of assassins known as the Hashashin (Hashashin believed to be the word "assassin" came from). In all reality these 2 groups did have their own bit of history together but, were never arch rivals nor was one or the other the bad guy. The Knights Templar were most likely the more noble of the groups, but that's fairly debatable.
We are Templars! We are strong! We will not be outwitted by a band of hood wearing thieves!
by nickreaper July 23, 2010

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When someone becomes extremely excited or stimulated as if they had a severe form of A.D.D. Much like Going Ape Shit, but usually in a more positive way. Similar to a fangasm.
Joe Bob McHootenanny: "I was in the mall the other day and I didn't want to get anything I didn't need. Then a lady by the toy store offered me a huge figure of the Big Daddy from Bioshock that was so well sculpted and painted it looked real! I proceeded to start going butt fuck and payed the $245 it cost... And that's why we can't afford to pay the rent this month, honey."
by nickreaper August 03, 2011

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The more run down and/or unpleasant parts of New Jersey that make the state so infamous.

Such as but not limited to Newark, which borders New York City where many journalism and media corporations are based, Jersey City which is named after the damned state, or Asbury Park which is secretly where every 1990s rap music video is based off of.
Bobby McFerret: "Hey look at that sign. It says we're entering Newark."

James Gandalffini "The Grey": "Shit! Strap on your belts boys. We've just crossed over into...New Jerkskey!"

Everyone else except that mute guy: "*GASP*"
by nickreaper September 21, 2011

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A prison term for a pedophile.
I'm room mates with another parolee and he never shuts the fuck up. He's a little off. I think he might be a bicycle seat sniffer.
by nickreaper October 21, 2011

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