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An emo anime; an anime with the traits that of the emo culture, and the style and pacing of an anime. Usually has long periods of monologuing, raining, "artistic" scenes, and complaining about how tragic life is. Also spelled "Animo" for a more obvious connection to Japanese cartoons.
Marty the Martian: "Hey, did you see the anime Death Note last Saturday?"

Mikey the Microscope: "You mean the anemo? Anime's not really my thing, you know that."

Marty: "Then how would you know it's an anemo if you dont watch it?"

Mikey: "Don't question me, you fool!"
by nickreaper February 17, 2011
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The pseudonym of a British comedian who reviews knock off gaming sytems, action figures, mp3 players, or any other interesting tat that winds up in his local PoundLand.

He's aquainted with the likes of Chef Excellence, The God Monster of Indian Flats, and The Silver Skull...a pathetic "serial killer" that holds a grudge against him JUST BECAUSE.

He's known for his sarcastic, often random, and sometimes witty comedy that makes his ridiculous and ludicrously implausable line of work seem like something worth doing.

He's the fourth most subscribed YouTube user in the United Kingdom...and that's about all he's accomplished with his life.
Garitt the Pumpkin Wrangler: "Hey, did you see the latest Ashens video?"

Abraham Lincoln: "'Did I see it?' I was there when he filmed it"

Garitt: "W-...what?"

Abe: "Totally worth the $600 plane tickets, and $400 for the six weeks of espionage lessons...and $300 spy kit"
by nickreaper December 09, 2011
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The plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Their true purpose is sinister.
Beware of the aglets
by nickreaper January 08, 2012
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1. A creature that uses the ancient art of mongling to steal children from the wombs of pregnant women.

2. Any pedophile.

Derived from the term Cock Mongler.
1. "Careful now. You don't want that little guy taken by Child Mongler in your sleep."

2. "I knocked a little girl over while I was running, and now everyone thinks I'm a Child Mongler."
by nickreaper October 26, 2011
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What a cinnabon should be called. Each comes with it's own cup of piping hot cum. Coined by stand-up comedian Louis C.K.
Yeah, give me a Fat Faggot Treat please...Yes with the hot cum! What, do you think I have integrity? I'm getting a cinnabon right now...at the airport...that I arrived at! I could go home and eat real food, but I'm getting a fuckin' cinnabon, an old one too! How long have you had these laying out?
by nickreaper March 07, 2012
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An imaginary day created by the Easter Bunny. There are so many great things about this day. Now, for one it's Februaury, which never goes past 29 days. Most months only go up to 31 days, so "32nd" would sound a bit more obvious. Something about 33rd makes it sound more like a real day. Think about it. If you heard a movie trailer that said "February 33rd" you wouldn't think twice about.
Wit' 'dis giant Easta' egg bomb, I'm-a blow ya' to 'de imaginary day of February 33, in which you'll be trapt' fo' all eternity.

by nickreaper September 03, 2012
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When two men rub and glide their erect penises against one another as a sexual activity. Often done while at the same time french kissing. More commonly known as sword fighting.
Bob: "What are you, twelve years old? No gay guys don't have sex by rubbing their dicks together. They have anal sex...usually. I'm sure there's more to it than just that."

13 year old: "They also rub their dicks together. It's called fencing."

Bob: "I'm sure you know that from experience..."

13 year old: "Oh fuck you, Bob!"
by nickreaper September 03, 2012
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