to steal, rob, or boost.
Where you get all dat bling? You ain't got no job.
I thieved it from that punk across the street!
by TheConcierge September 15, 2006
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stealing shit or borrowing it without telling no one or asking.
Kennedy Burke thieving my damn yogurt with some innocent damn look but got my spoon haning out her mouth.
by chriswillios December 21, 2008
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The action of going after your success, goals, love, life, money, etc. no matter what it takes, BUT in style.

synonyms: hustling, working hard, drive, focus, overcoming, creating opportunities, succeeding

created by Bow-Tied Thieves Clothing Brand Owners
"Stay Thieving Dave, Dont let life bring you down"

"Always Thieving, Stevie"

"Thieving is a way of life, can't let anything get in my way"

by margeemarge17 January 14, 2017
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To be tooken; stolen or robbed
Past tense: Thieved
Future tense: Thieve
Past: Gary thieved the blender from his wife to prevent her from inserting waffle.
Future: Gary will thieve the wife from the blender.
by Fredrick Gambitheiser November 4, 2017
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