When you turn 13, the Internet suddenly lets you sign up for stuff.
12 year old: i cant wait to turn 13!
13 year old: now i can sign up for google and use youtube
by Preinstallable November 2, 2020
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An idiot looking up definitions on urban dictionary

I know this because I’m a 13 year old looking up definition
“You know jamie
“the 13 year old that is obsessed with urban dictionary
by bitch lasagna March 10, 2019
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A demographic that is often misunderstood and looked down upon due to stereotypes.
Like seriously, we're not that moody and not all of us are horny 24/7.
13 year olds are often considered to be the scum of the earth, but that's a very small portion.
by Yoda8778 July 4, 2019
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13 year olds are defined as creatures with raging hormones and lots of zits. they are often called dumb, naive and immature. tbh that's not entirely true not all of us are like that.
eg: "omg, I'd never date a 13 year old."
by namjoonsbonsaiii January 3, 2021
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A person who is 13 years of age no insults to them they dont deserve it. This usually used as an insult such as " dumb 13 year old kpop stan" or "fatherless dream stan" but those people are usually not even 13 yet and was it that obvious? none that age assumes is over the age of 14. 13 year olds are just going through puberty and its the worst time to be alive.
Some Beluga Fan on the Youtube comment section: lol stfu i bet ur like 13 go watch tiktok the garbage content ever
The 13 year old with a brain: You know i cant control my age right? fuck off and go find a hobby to do loser.
by Lolorator360 February 16, 2022
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Probally searchs up prices for weed, meth, etc in math class
by Suckmyweed April 6, 2022
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When someone becomes a teen. 13 year olds think they're amazing, but instead they have raging hormones and their face is covered with zits:
1. a young teen
2. horny
13 year olds like to hump each other and inanimate objects because they think it's not masturbating, but it really is.
13 year old Girl: OMG!!1 l@st n1t3 waz S0 keWl m3 @n my FR3ndz gOt 2G3th3R an HuMp3d 3@ch oth3rz bra1nz out!!1
by Yo Momma :( May 30, 2008
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