The pseudonym of a British comedian who reviews knock off gaming sytems, action figures, mp3 players, or any other interesting tat that winds up in his local PoundLand.

He's aquainted with the likes of Chef Excellence, The God Monster of Indian Flats, and The Silver Skull...a pathetic "serial killer" that holds a grudge against him JUST BECAUSE.

He's known for his sarcastic, often random, and sometimes witty comedy that makes his ridiculous and ludicrously implausable line of work seem like something worth doing.

He's the fourth most subscribed YouTube user in the United Kingdom...and that's about all he's accomplished with his life.
Garitt the Pumpkin Wrangler: "Hey, did you see the latest Ashens video?"

Abraham Lincoln: "'Did I see it?' I was there when he filmed it"

Garitt: "W-...what?"

Abe: "Totally worth the $600 plane tickets, and $400 for the six weeks of espionage lessons...and $300 spy kit"
by nickreaper December 9, 2011
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The most British man on the internet who has been reviewing tat on an old brown sofa since 2006. Should be run out of England any time now for not liking tea.
That couch I saw at Ikea looks almost like the one used by Ashens on YouTube!
by This is my handle okay June 22, 2021
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A Sri Lankan name for an intelligent boy. Usually polite but can be one of the sassiest people on earth. Needs to stop buying facial products. You won’t regret meeting an ashen.
Ashen is very handsome.
Ashen took me to the grocery store.
by Shalalaladodoboomboom June 16, 2020
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1.Sup0r S3xy B34st.
2.An utterly super cool man.
by joe June 29, 2003
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The dry condition black folks' skin gets in when they need some lotion.
Dayum I gettin all ashen. I need some Vasaline Intensive Care.
by arrow_keys September 15, 2005
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The greatest single metal band from Middletown, Rhode Island.
The ASHEN show last night was fucking sick nigga! or, ASHEN's undefeated!
by Matt January 4, 2005
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description fit for A FUCKING IDIOT SHITHEAD PATHETIC BASTARD who MUNCHES on DISGUSTING SEWAGE and piles and piles of cow dung. The level 1 ashen is a prime example of an absolute waste of human resources, lacking the skill and knowledge of even a fucking monkey. whoever this person is must be executed on sight, they are SHIT and they also have a disgusting filthy sewer rat-shit hair-cut. their hair is like if you got gorilla and smashed its head in with a baseball bat. it looks like if you lived on nothing but laxatives for your entire life and have never shat and 100 years of living as such you finally shit and the end result is this idiot's hair cut. nobody likes this level 1 ashen's gay ass pixie haircut.
Friend: bro you like my haircut
You: You bloody level 1 ashen piece of shit I hope you trip and die of disease right in front of your lovely family you whore. I hope a gorilla forcefully pushes you into its gaping bum and wrecks you with its organs and ejects you into the heart of the amazon forest.
Friend: *gets shot*
by P4perboy May 25, 2019
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