An awesome sport consisting of three weapons, Sabre, Epee, and Foil. The sport requires physical strength as well as mental strength.
Hey! We just won our Fencing meet!
by Jennifer February 27, 2004
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Fencing is the actions of the go between for a thief and buyer of the thief's stolen goods. The buyer may unwittingly buy stolen goods from a fence in yard sales, flea markets, through classified ads, or other traditional markets. A shrewed form of fencing is when the fencer poses as a fence for stolen goods and sells cheap illegal imitations of name brand goods at high prices under the pretence that they are more expensive legit versions.
Pawn shops are no longer very good for fencing since the persons selling to them are finger printed, and there is strict accounting of all the goods sold.
by mlhiss November 20, 2011
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A sport where damn near everyone appears to be a mincing pansy poofter* but are actually full tilt hetro. If you see a couple of them together, do not ask which of them gets to be the boy, as they will beat the living shit outta you.

*especially foil and eppe fencers. Sabre fencers just laugh, buy another round and point out the foil and eppe fencers playing Judy Garland songs on the jukebox by the bar.
When I asked the foil fag "How much for a BJ?" at the fencing tournament, he jumped ten feet from a standing start and kicked my teeth out.
by rancher dan March 14, 2006
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Happens to guys who needs to pee through a chain link fence. In order to not receive backsplash from the fence while peeing they put heir dick through the fence. While peeing they “accidentally” graze the fence with their dick. They realize this feels good so they start to make a habit of getting off on the chain link fence by rubbing their dick on it. Some men have improved upon this pleasurable act by stuffing their balls in the fence first.
Johnny had to get a tetnus shot because he was fencing the other night on a rusty fence.
by Grant.C August 14, 2018
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The best sport ever, which uses 3 different swords (Sabre, Foil, and Epee). The best part about it? You’re allowed to stab people, which is great for letting out anger! Also, in Sabre, you can hit people (with your sword) without consequences!
Fencer 1: hey man you going to that fencing competition tomorrow?
Fencer 2: yeah, I can’t wait to stab people!
by Ça May 1, 2019
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When two men rub and glide their erect penises against one another as a sexual activity. Often done while at the same time french kissing. More commonly known as sword fighting.
Bob: "What are you, twelve years old? No gay guys don't have sex by rubbing their dicks together. They have anal sex...usually. I'm sure there's more to it than just that."

13 year old: "They also rub their dicks together. It's called fencing."

Bob: "I'm sure you know that from experience..."

13 year old: "Oh fuck you, Bob!"
by nickreaper September 4, 2012
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A more advanced form of a sword fight (where to men fight with their dicks) two men stand 7 metres apart with all of their clothes off and a ref starts the match. The goal is to score the most points by slamming it with their dick. The asshole is worth 50, mouth 25, and the balls are with 10 each
I’ve been practicing fencing with my dad for my whole life
by Yeetskeeter January 30, 2019
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