I messed up in class today and when my Mom found out, she started going ape shit on my ass!
by Kastl11 November 14, 2008
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Person 1: Taylor lautner and Taylor swift are dating
Person 2: yeah I know did you see what is going on Facebook their fans are going ape shit
by PizzaPie2_3_4 March 26, 2014
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The act of dropping your pants to your ankles, and shitting in a standing formation whilst screaming profanities and waving your hands above your head in a fit of rage.
Pandafight was charged for opening the refridgerator at the hotel this weekend, and we he was going ape shit.
by burnadettexo June 25, 2011
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what the cast of "Jersey Shore" do every day.
man1 "hey man2"
man2 "yeah man1?"
man1 "i took my sons porn away last night, he then just had to go ape shit"
man2 ".................ya i did too"
by mr.apeshit January 17, 2011
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When someone decides not to show up for something he/she was supposed to, going apeshit on that person is basically the same as bitch-slapping them... It also includes punching them in the arm at some random time of the day.
"Zach, you better be at the next bus stop, or I'm gonna go ape-shit on you."

"Trust me, if I have to, meet me in the alley and I will Go Ape-shit on You."
by Katie Marie Bell October 4, 2011
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