you and your partner putting your tongue in each others mouth and moving it around with your lips locked
adam and i french kissed when we were making out and he said i do it well :-p
by nunya business December 2, 2003
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sticking your tounge in your partners mouth and moving it around
whlie me and tyrel wher makin out we decided to frenchkiss
by Anonymous November 10, 2003
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An open-mouthed kiss with tounge
He held her hands and gave her a french kiss
by Anonymous August 24, 2003
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1. (Everywhere except France): An overtly sexual act, to kiss with tongues.

2. (France only) An overtly non-sexual act, to greet somebody by giving them a light peck on each cheek. This is a traditional gesture, even between members of the same sex.
Frenchman: Every day since we married, my wife kisses me in ze traditional French manner.
Englishman: Bloody hell! Ever since we married, my wife never does, as she always has a headache!
by Dr Pinch April 12, 2005
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an open mouthed kiss when two persons stick their tounges in neach others mouth and try to massage each others tounge
Me and jessica french kissed last night
by G-G April 9, 2007
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A loving, open mouthed kiss that involves toughing tounges which is about the best feeling in the world. It can have to do with sex, but its much better and a lot more loving and special if your in love
When my girlfriend french kisses me, i feel like im flying and i am so happy i could die, with my arms wrapped around her and her hands on my face
by Gotohellliv March 13, 2015
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