guy: she has never been involved in espionage.
girl: really?
guy: Yeah, well it is wrong.
gril: true.
by Random Immigrant August 8, 2008
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Having sex with a long-haired, freckled freak of a man.
I had espionage with my spanish teacher.
by JOshISaP-nut September 27, 2006
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a spyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That motherfucker was a total espionager!
by boobiessss0007777777 February 11, 2010
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Code word for: "SB '09" otherwise known as Spring Break 2009
when sounded out, the resemblance is undeniable.
Refers to the most epic week ever known to man. Those participating in Espionage typically wake up by 9 AM and are drunk by 10 AM. After a full day of festivities, "espionagers" could have participated in dance contests, push up contests at Margarittaville, picked a fight with a French bartender, convinced a 12 year old girl you were in love with her, pretended they were British to make friends, sang n'sync karaoke at a night club, had a dance party on a cruise ship elevator, became groupies for a local cover band, hooked up with a girl...and her mom, and/or robbed their own/their friend's parents.
Wait, we stole those from your parents?! Good god man, Espionage is epic.

>(Friend)"French people smell bad. America kicks ass."
>(French Bartender)"I am French! Do not talk about what you do not know"
>>(Third Party) "Espionage, that's all I can say"
>>(Different Third Party) "Damn Right. Wow he gives a bad name to every American"
by T-Wags February 24, 2010
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The act of taking a picture with your phone and then immediately posting it to a social networking site or sites without the subjects knowledge.
John: We're you at that rager last night?

Steve: Yes, and that dick Tommy took a photo of me groping a stripper with his phone and posted it to facebook, a real act of social espionage...needless to say my wife put my dick back on the mantle.
by jasbra January 7, 2010
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To bring a friend or family member on a date to sit there and spy on you while you're on the date without either one of you acknowledging that you know the other.
My sister was on an espionage date with me while I met up with my blind date so we can analyze it later.
by shayaknyc December 28, 2009
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The act of fingering a single slat of a Venetian blind downwards so that one may take a peek. It leaves a sleazy aftertaste regardless of the content found on the other side.
Did you hear about the increased cutbacks this week?

Yeah, the managing director and assistant manager have been hiding in conference room A, probably discussing who they're gonna let go. There's been no sign of life other than Bonderman's eyeball when he does his routine Venetian espionage every hour or so.
by pitbear July 24, 2010
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