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The most annoying creature in the entire universe. From a horrible episode of South Park.
Jackovasaur mating call: "DOOO-WOOOOOOP!!!!"
by n00b August 15, 2003
Alternate spelling of wordpwnt/word.
OMG...I p0wnt wordj00/word like a wordn00b/word.
by n00b August 1, 2003
The loss of a winning poker hand on the very last card dealt; it is frequently followed by shock, tears, and a severe need to blow things/people up. (Halo, anyone?)
3:36pm All in preflop...equal hands...I hit a better hand on flop and turn and get rivered by my arch nemesis. Anybody with the name of Sandy that you happen to know, go ahead and punch him/her in the face for me. thx...
by n00b August 8, 2004
Heartless Bitches International

A website/organization of angry women who extricate their frustrations by bashing anyone that isn't callous, malcontented, and self-righteous. (They take special care to define 'nice guys' as conniving, spineless nazis.) The site tries to write its hypocrisy off as satire, but nobody in their right mind would churn out such bile on a regular basis without severe emotional disturbances of some kind.
HBI reader: "I wonder what sorts of relationships these women were in, that made them so angry?"
Heartless Bitch: "They don't need a relationship to be angry! They're mature, headstrong adults! And they're surrounded by cloying, manipulative children! What could be more mature than filling a website with flaming, pseudo-ironic hyperbole?"
HBI Reader: "True, they have every right to be insufferable cunts if it suits them."
Heartless Bitch: "Welcome to the Internet, you spineless twerp!"
by n00b August 1, 2003
the act of taking somone up the bum.
the act of getting taken up the bum.
bornbad loves her bum sex!
by n00b March 31, 2003
WTF, El Camino doesnt have preps going there.. The preps go to USC and UCLA and LMU and stuff.. :o
Stormin the the party like my name is El Nino, Hangin' out drinkin in the back of El Camino
by n00b April 13, 2004
The messenger of god against the evil Microsoft.
W00T!!! L00k at that Penguin GO!
by n00b February 18, 2004