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An abnormal climate eventt, an El Nino is a warm watter current that occurs every 2 to 7 years in the Pacific.
El Nino brings unusual and often severe conditions to different areas.
by bobie December 07, 2004
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nickname for the spanish player Fernando Torres who plays for Liverpool.
Did you see Spain's game today?

Yea, yea, unfortunately El Niño wasn't so good.
by yaymcfly June 29, 2010
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Back in 98' a storm struck the California Coast, it rained out mass amounts water and flooded the area. Now when referring to something that dumps or pours out fast, you can refer to the El Nino.
"Shit, that salt came out like El Nino."
by Von Button May 16, 2006
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Strong climatic event that produces warm conditions in the waters off of South America often associated with alcohol-induced memory echoes of Chumbawumba's "Tubthumping" for people born between 1965 and 1975.
El Nino's back. Time to drink a whiskey drink.
by Wallace Sullivan III February 07, 2010
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A shot made using equal parts Hot Damn and Malibu, to represent the Hot & Tropical aspects of the El Nino weather system that affected the US in the late 90's. Invented by a group of University of Montana students in 1998 an attempt to capitalize on El Nino's prominent place in the news. The plan was to order it as if it were a famous drink, then look at the bartender with distain when they didn't know what it was, and tell then the ingredients. Then, when you did the shot with your friends, you all shouted "El Nino!!!" in an attempt to start a trend. It did not catch on.
MAN 1: "Can I get 4 El Nino's please."
BARTENDER: "What the fuck's an El Nino?"
MAN 2: <scoffs>
MAN 1: "UH, duh, Hot Damn and Malibu."
BARTENDER: "Okay..."
Shots are made and served.
MAN 1 & MAN 2 & MAN 3 & MAN4: "EL NINO!!!!!"
MAN 3: <whispering> "Hey, this isn't bad."
by ToppDog August 07, 2007
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