Noun; the name you call a person of endearment, but without sounding endearing.
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
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bad,any thing that is not good.
curly is acting moosie.
this game is so moosie i hate it.
by shaneekvanda June 11, 2006
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Moosie. Slang term for a person of Muslim religion.
Look at those Moosies over there. Bunch of Taliban Bastards.
by Doad Brown October 5, 2006
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The REAL plural of Moose.
It is not 'Moose' or 'Meese'
"Look at those Moosi using their antlers to fly..."
by (Moosi_can_fly_using_antlers) February 16, 2009
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1)The coooooooolest animal there is in the world!

2)The term also refers to a club!The Moosi Clan!
Ex: That moosi is brown and lookin' cool!
by Moosi Member June 16, 2007
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an inner-city nickname given to a female with a very nice body, but a very empty brain
<Dude 1> Who's that fine ass girl right there?
<Dude 2> Man that's moosie
<Dude 1> Damn, another dumb ass fine girl!
by n00b January 25, 2004
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Dude! I did your grandma last night! Her moosy is SO hairy!
by Jingle Pants October 2, 2009
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