Lull can mean:

A very popular profile designer on Gaia Online who had won the best profile award.

A deep sleep in which it is extreamly hard to wake up from.

Lull can mean to lure someone into a place comenly used in fishing
Gaia: Did you see Lulls' Profile? The blue was very calming.

Sleeping: I was lulled to sleep when I ate the poisioned apple.

Lure: The witch lulled the princess into her castle and put her in a deep trance.
by Lull October 1, 2006
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Fairly new and evolved version of lol.
-Omg i pwnd you 5 times in a row, man wtf?
by Tzu May 5, 2004
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lull, or lullz0r is a small being who likes to sit and watch his ass grow.
lull is an ugly dude
by Jr. February 9, 2003
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A phrase coined in Horsham to describe a moment of minor depression or alcoholic clarity while intoxicated and or drunk.
"Hey man you alright?"
"Nah, I'm in a lull"
by R4ndom August 21, 2006
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Used the same as LOL, but is the vocalized term, typed out phonetically. Created by user LULL (vv0mp) on nexopia.
"I was rifling through my laundry, and found my sister's underwear, the pair I forgot I'd stolen."

by vv0mp May 21, 2006
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An expression commonly used in the cyber world. It is commonly used in such situations where somebody would type "lol" in a sentence, such as a funny meme,. jpeg, or anything that makes oneself entertained.
Did you see that funny Pepe?
Yeah, I Lulled my socks off!
by Lonkyfoo January 18, 2018
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