short for emotional intelligence. A word managers use to sound important and informed.
From review of Mr Smith's KPI's his EQ is below that detailed in our standards. We need to address this problem going forward.
by nauges April 5, 2005
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Short for Equipoise. Anabolic Steroid (injectable) with mild androgrenic properties. Commonly used at 400-600mg per week.
I am running test(testosterone) and EQ for 12 weeks
by Z3R0-CooL January 12, 2005
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Short for EverQuest. Generally a game played by system admins to play while they work or people who have no lives and spend their meaningless life playing the game.
Person with a life: Hey Shokazullu what you about to do on the computer? Shokazullu: Just gonna play EQ for the rest of the day.
by WarklanTD January 22, 2004
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The masterful combo of abilities used to steal chickens from the jungler/forest person used by the sad and blue dabadee dabada himself, Ryze. Each time the comination is performed a child will ingest silver and they will be blessed by papa Faker and Doinb's teleportation hack with blueness and sadness. The combo comprises of E and Q. The E ability throws an orb to a targeted enemy and enemies in its vicinity dealing damage to the target enemy and applying the blue balls stack to all enemies near the targeted one. The Q ability makes Ryze rip of his blue balls and slingshot it into enemies. If the Q hits an enemy affected by blue balls, the enemies take more damage and their blue balls explode, consuming the stack. The combo can be developed upon making it more complicated by repeating it over and over but only grandmaster at chess can do it.
00:07 All Ryze Bot (Ryze): HABIBI COME TO DUBAI
00:12 All Ryze Bot (Ryze): I TAKE YOU TO GERMANY
00:18 All Lux_egirl123 (Lux): muted
00:25 All Ryze Bot (Ryze): lets invade blue buff
by LogicIsntHere February 13, 2023
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A wyrd kind human who genuinely seeks to help others through communication and creativity. If you meet EQ and feel like giving them a hug just make sure it is even, full and honest. EQ doesn’t like unbalanced anything, they will solve a problem before you even knew it was a problem. EQ is long winded and can be overwhelming and overwhelmed at times because EQ has Aspergers (aka autistic spectrum disorder). If you are compelled to find EQ you can find them on the weird couch.
by The Weird Couch December 3, 2020
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Short for Equalizer. Device for amplifying or suppressing specific frequency bands of audio. This device can be part of a stereo tuner or component or may be present in audio playback software such as winamp.
I adjusted my stereo's EQ so that when Barry White sings it sounds like an earthquake.
by Gimli July 9, 2003
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Easy quick efficient. Something (or someone) that can be done easily, quickly, and efficiently.
Boy 1: Man, I really need to lose my virginity before college starts.
Boy 2: Dude, just go find some hot girl who is EQE.
Boy 1: Good idea!
by Kaitlin123 April 22, 2008
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