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Derogatory term for Europeans, often used by rednecks who don't appreciate culture.....
and stuff.
Big Fat Texan:
Hey Eurothrash, we saved you in '45 didn't we? Or else ya would've been speakin' freakin' German!

Jean Baptiste the French Smartass:
Hey Big One, English is a form of Saxon (German) so you are the one speakin' freakin' German you lardass!
by n008a April 11, 2009
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A crude wooden elongated device operated by many of the police forces around the world. It's intensity of use varies from region to region. Has found world wide application in the field of soccer riots.
(The reality of the spleen detector)
Cop: You look kinda suspicous! Methinks I should get the spleeny detectah!


Individual: *Oooph* *Moan*

Cop :Yup it is, I mean was there all right.
by n008a April 12, 2009
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A device created by a mad Dutch scientist to create more Richard Nixons for world domination by knavery and villainy on an unprecedented scale in the history of mankind.
A song by Tertius, see www.myspace.com/tiruset
We had better turn of the Nixon generator for a moment, it's overheat!
by n008a April 11, 2009
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Protect Murka against the terr'ist
by n008a April 11, 2009
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Pronounced "Owbu" in English.
Slang for a joint in Dutch.
Jij moet niet zo veel oboe roken ouwe!

(Don't smoke that many joints stupid!)
by n008a April 11, 2009
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covert slang for the act of urinating.
Man I need to take a p1$$ again. It's the beer I guess
by n008a April 11, 2009
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A really militant racist hobbit with all sorts of issues.
Oh and they come with the hairy feet.
Orc: That hobbitler just gave me a headbutt in the family jewels!
Frodo: Schweinhund!
by n008a April 12, 2009
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