I forbid you to marry anyone, except for a prince.
by O Rayman October 9, 2004
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Means you really hope something doesn't happen, but is often used sarcastically to express the opposite
God forbid we get any hurricanes this season :(

God forbid you clean up after yourself...
by Pluckster April 5, 2020
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And idiom used to to express a lack of desire for a specific occurrence.

Similar usage as "God forbid," and/or "Heaven forbid."
Originating from the Novel "Brave New World," by Aldous Huxley.
In Aldous Huxley's novel "Brave New World," Henry Ford was revered as a deity-like figure.
This is referenced in the line "...Ford forbid that he should get the idea into his head."
Numerous other lines throughout the novel use Ford in a similar manner.
by GrungeElf April 19, 2013
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God Forbid are an awesome band from New Jersey featuring Byron Davis - Vocals, John Outcalt - Bass, Doc Coyle - Vocals/Guitar, Dallas Coyle - Vocals/Guitar and Corey Pierce - Drums.

"Soon after the group’s inception in 1996, Out of Misery and Reject The Sickness were released on the small indie label 9 Volt Records helping GOD FORBID develop a rabid underground following. This buzz quickly attracted the attention of Century Media Records who immediately signed the band. In 2001, they unleashed Determination – an Americanized form of thrash metal so unrelenting that it brought listeners to their knees."

"After a three-year wait and with a desire to prove to the world just what they are truly capable of, the group return with their most pummeling offering to date. This time they have successfully bridged the gap between thrash, hardcore and traditional metal. The group’s many influences, ranging from Ozzy and Slayer to Megadeth and The Haunted all shine though on this stunning new offering, as they created a record that can appeal to any fan of heavy music no matter their preference. The new album, Gone Forever, was recorded at Trax East Studios by Eric Rachel (Atreyu, A Life Once Lost) and mixed by acclaimed producer Colin Richardson (Chimaira, Fear Factory)"
- godforbid.com

Most recently, they have toured with Killswitch Engage, Chimaira and Shadows Fall (2004), supported Machine Head (2004), and have just finished their own tour supported by Ted Maul and Extol.

Prepare to be annihilated.
God Forbid played an awesome set last night, man!
by Antihero March 31, 2005
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In the month of February 2019, you are not allowed to play Fortnite in any way, shape, or form. Virginities lost increase by 600%.
“Hey bro! You wanna play Fortnite?”
I can’t! It’s Forbid Fortnite February!”
by stressed & Zelda obsessed January 8, 2019
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when it’s february no girls are allowed to finger themselves
person1;hey i wanna finger myself

person 2; you can’t it’s forbidding fingering february
by famlo November 4, 2019
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