The name Saxon means "Sex God". People with this name have a massive dick that's usually 8.5 - 12 inch. Loving, caring and very sexual. When girls hear that name they think of sex.
"Saxon has a massive dick"
by Quite Nice March 9, 2016
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Started off with 4 Kick-ass albums, but fizzled out until the 90's. Slowly rising back to greatness.
Heavy Metal Thunder!
Denim and Leather!
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Princess of the Night

Saxon rules!!
by Ink December 23, 2004
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Well the first thing you notice about Saxon is his amazing personality with a swinging cobra between his thighs saxons usually have long hair and long slongs and if your a Saxon without those features I think u should just leave mate. Saxon will fuck ya bitch not once but properly twice just to make u mad . Saxon always a chill ,happy funny guy to be around but if u say he’s got a small cock you’ll be waking up in hostpital cunt.
Guy 1: imma give this bitch the Saxon

Guy 2 : fuck u think she can handle it ?
by Fabulous seven February 18, 2019
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Saxon is the kindest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s good to his friends and is loyal. He’s good with weapons of mass destruction and is real tough. He has a big cock and is a bit of a sex God.
Friend: Hey, Saxon can you help me with this assignment
Saxon: yeah sure, just let me grab my weapon
by MOANAMUMMA June 12, 2019
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A very attractive red headed bombshell. Makes a great bestfriend and can make anybody laugh at any time- she is a comedic genius. All of the guys want her, but have accepted the fact that she's too good for them. Loves to be in the spot light, and will one day be famous. The coolest person alive.
Jim: "Dude, who's that fine girl?!"

Bob: "That fine girl is Saxon."

Jim: "Oh ya... sorry man, I forgot."

Bob: "You should be ashamed."
by getthekeys July 26, 2009
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Saxon is the hottest, sexiest guy you'll ever meet. He's really nice and kind and he's sooooo soooo soooo sweet and cute. Saxon has a very big, caring heart and he gives the best hugs ever!! He has the best laugh and he's such a cutie. Saxon is an amazing leader, a true friend and the best boyfriend ever. If you meet him you're super lucky because there is nobody else like him or even close to as awesome as him. Saxon is a true sex God, he'll make you go crazy. Saxons mine though so go away
Saxon: Hay
Person: Hey wow you're hot
by MOANAMUMMA August 18, 2019
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Saxon is neither taking a shit nor an 90's band, the bombing red head idea was close and I am sure there is an element of truth in that it was being derived from the Anglo-Saxon but the true meaning is...

and this is a credited so don't even bother questioning it.

Saxon is a verb, it means; a smoking hot but equally as a smart girl a real 10 outta 10. The smarts is as equally as important as the hotness and the bar is high on this one, saxon is not to be used lightly it is reserved for the extreme situations where you meet a girl that truly fits the criteria.
"Aaaawwww man I had the most amazing date last night this girl was perfect" -Guy1

"Nice so she was saxon hey?"-Guy2

"I dunno man she was perfect but she wasn't saxon"-Guy1
by TheGuyThatKnowss November 28, 2009
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