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An oboe is a woodwind instrument. It is one of the hardest instruments to play, and it adds a lot of interesting moments to your life. You worry about your reeds being perfect. There are many jokes consisting of oboes. Such as: There was a band directer who had a gun with two bullets there was an oboe player, trumpet player, and bassoon player. who did he shoot? a)The oboe player- twice, just to make sure. Or What's the difference between an oboe and an onion? a)You don't cry when you're cutting up the oboe . Many people think the oboe is an unneeded instrument. It can sound like a dying duck when played badly, and like an angel descending from above if played well. Side note: Never EVER go near an oboe player's reed or oboe, you'll be pounded faster than you can say "help". Keep in mind that oboe players carry around knives to make reeds, so they already have the upper hand. It is commonly mistaken for a clarinet. The oboe is a C instrument and the clarinet is a Bb instrument. So NO they are not alike, they don't even have the same fingerings.
Person 1:What happened to first chair clarinet? Person 2: Oh, he's in the hospital after he touched the oboe player's instrument. Oboe threats are not to be taken lightly
by Awkwardness July 01, 2013
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A really awesome musical instrument that clarinetists pick up for two seconds, make a duck-like noise, and put down, saying that it is too hard. The annoying ones, however, make a nasty sound and say "Look, I can play it. It's not actually the hardest instrument ever." Seriously, though, it is so hard to play the oboe. You have the double reed, all the doo-hickey keys, and the half-hole that just make oboists constantly want to kill themselves. When played well it is absolutely gorgeous, but it is incredibly hard to become a master of the oboe.
Clarinetist: Ooh! Can I play your oboe really quick?
Oboist: Okay, sure.
Clarinetist: *makes an awful noise* See! Everyone says oboe is so hard but I bet I could be as good as you in about two weeks since our instruments are kind of similar.
by Thetyler November 02, 2008
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Beautiful when played by a good player; duck-like when played by a not-so-good player. A usually wooden woodwind instrument, part of the double reed family (which includes the bassoon, english horn, etc). Played in treble clef; pitched in C. Insanely hard to play in tune.
That beginner oboe player sounds like she's killing a duck...
by ducky August 09, 2004
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A beautiful instrument, in looks as well as in sound. It is a slender black tube with silver keys (generally), with a reed sticking out of the top. No ligature is required. It is in the double reed family, which means it is played by blowing on two reeds in such a way that they vibrate. A crow is when one plays on the reed itself, making a noise that resembles a crow call. The noise of an oboe is a rich, penetrating noise. It has a decent range, going all the way up to a high almost-squeak. Gorgeous when played right, and takes many years to master. Considered one of the world's hardest instrument to learn, but well worth it.
The symphony had featured an oboe solo in their concert, showing off it's beautiful tone.
by BeeJee May 14, 2007
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the awsomest instrument ever.sumper cool.DOESNT SOUND LIKE A DUCK!!!!! sounds more like a nice little penguin.
oboe totally kicks butt!!!!
by hippie123456789 May 18, 2008
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A double reed woodwind instrument played in treble clef and pitched in C. A musician who plays the oboe is called an oboist. It resembles the clarinet in terms of outward appearance. In comparison to other woodwind instruments, the oboe has a clear and penetrating voice. The oboe is said to be the instrument that most resembles the human singing voice due to the nature of double reeds and their similarity to the human vocal bands (Ligamenta vocalia). It is beautiful when played by good player; duck-like when played by a mediocre player. Considered one of the hardest instruments in the world.
That n00b oboe player sounds like a duck on crack.
by Ragna the Bloodedge October 11, 2009
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An awesome woodwind instrument which the whole orchestra tunes to. Produces a beautiful pure sound usually meant for slow sad pieces but sometimes for light and quick pieces.
I play the oboe
by wizaloopxxx March 03, 2015
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