26 definitions by mm

The act of halting the flow of effluence from the rear orifice using the fifth digit of the dominant hand.
"I almost had to pull a Moxin, but made it to the bathroom in time"
by mm April 16, 2004
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its the way that celine dion pronounces love whenever she signs.
In this thing called lurve.
by mm April 24, 2005
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When the a man's "wang" slips out of his pants accidently.
by mm February 12, 2004
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to alleviate boredom completely.
I was stuck in a quagmire of boring old websites, then I found ugoto.com
by mm December 10, 2004
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when a man puts his balls on the girls eye balls and puts his penis over her nose and cums...it looks like she sneezed all over herself.
dude, the girl i fucked last night looked like she had the face flu when i was done with her.
by mm February 20, 2003
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