A bible is (1,000,000) one milion dollars cash could be bundled within rubber bands or what have you.

STACK & RACK are commonly confused in urban slang.

Book & Bible are unknown even to the most highest levels of street-smart individuals even in high-society.

1000 is a rack
1000 racks equals one(1) bible.

100 stacks equals a bible.

10 books equals a bible.

Breakdown as follows:
Rack = $1000

Stack = $10,000
Book = $100,000
Bible = $1,000,000
Jen: How much money do you have in that money market account?

Tom: around 17 bibles

Note: Technically equals = $17,000,000
by joey jaw breakers FLA June 21, 2022
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That book that gets people kicked out of the library for putting it in the fiction section.
Sorry I can't go to the library today, I got kicked out for putting the Bible into the fiction section.
by The Final Facade November 23, 2014
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A book written to record, what it's authors assumed to be, thet creation of human species.
The Bible in two sentences: God creates petting zoo. Things get out of hand.
by Arinthalas April 16, 2011
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The movie Shrek or any other thing including Shrek.
Alex: I just bought shrek from the store.
Daniel: don't you mean the Bible
by Dan the dorito man November 14, 2019
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Named for the Greek word "Biblios" ("Book") and considered the Holy Book by both Judaism and Christianity (which--at least at its inception--was considered a sect, branch, or spinoff of Judaism named "Messianic Judaism"--regardless of whether it was considered apostate, not-necessarily heretical but still heterodox, or legitimate/orthodox). The parts of the Bible that Normative (Mainstream, Non Messianic) Judaism and Messianic Judaism agree on are the books of Torah, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim--often called Tanakh. Where Judaism and Messianic Judaism divide is the point at which the New Testament (called "Hadashah" for "New" or "News") is eligible to be considered as part of Tanakh (written by some Messianic Jews as "TaNaKH" to include "Hadashah"; written as "TaNaKh" by some Non-Messianic Jews).
A respected or admired book that is not considered a holy book or even a religious text may irreverently or flippantly be called a, or even the, "bible" of its field, subject, or topic of study or exploration. For instance, one might call "The Communist Manifesto" a name such as "The bible of the Far Left," since Communists are very Leftist and subscribe orthodoxly to Karl Marx's and Frederich Engels' ideology as written in "Daas Manifesto".
by Nickidewbear June 14, 2013
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