What yuppies do early in the morning to stay in shape.
Brad and Fred are going to jog in Central Park tomorrow.
by Truth hurts March 11, 2003
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Omg I just wanted to pull out and cum all over her glasses. She’s a certified J.O.G. and glasses are my fetish!
by MMMagic Man July 23, 2018
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sed to sum1 wen u wont to tel them to fuck off.instead of sayin jog on
"jus go jog"
"who dont u jus go and jog!"
by amey March 27, 2005
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The word jog can be used to say one is going to smoke.

You want to go on a jog.
Lets go on a drive and jog.
by floridabum3 January 15, 2008
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When someone is trying to feed you shit and you listen but you are just jacking off mentally cause you know it is just a bunch of fucking BS and then suddenly you let out an unconscious facial expression about the pleasure you feel jacking off mentally to their BS.
Rene: Luis, I didn't couldn't change the language on the website.
Luis the Deportable: JoG
Rene: Oh yeah yoshi, you think I am lying.
by Yesid821010 October 13, 2016
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