means DON'T, nothing else. Even a blind person would notice whether its a missspelling or not and still see that it's Don't / Do Not
i dnt know
by prince a.j. December 8, 2008
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Dick and Nut Torment (DNT) is when you cause a male harm to his Penis or Scrotum. DNT can cause lives to be lost if practiced to much or to brutally, commonly confused with CBT
Son, you have used my credit card for V-bucks for the last time you little shit, prepare for brutal DNT every morning.
by F3se5 July 30, 2019
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DNT: Designated Nap Time
A specified time period which allows a generally productive person to sleep during the day.

DNT is typically reserved for people (such as college students) who have freedom in their schedule, regularly stay up past 2am, but have to get up before 8 am. (DNT's usually last from 30 minutes to an hour, but some have been known to require 2 hours or more).
"We'll go eat lunch as long as I'm back by 2:00 for my DNT."
by Catperson May 30, 2007
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dramatic follow up to a statement, description or event
"panera ran out of bread bowls, dnt txt"
by reallllest February 27, 2017
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He was in DNT, so I couldn't reach him.
by SmokeyDonkey February 9, 2021
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Did Not Translate.

A word to defend yourself with in situations following misreading of a percieved emotion or sarcasm, especially through text.
Because people are so straight forward with their sarcasm. <That was sarcasm.
Person 1 Text: I am so happy right now!
Person 2 Text: Awesome, you deserve to be!
Person 1 Text: That was sarcasm dude.
Person 2 Text: DNT, Mate.
by elkboy March 26, 2018
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