9 definitions by mafioso

When a woman's cold nipples poke erect through her shirt
Did you see Mrs. Johnson in class today? The room was freezing and she was nipping like a champion!
by mafioso April 23, 2003
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The sexual act of two people licking one another's assholes; considered to be physically impossilbe.
Jim tried to perform the butthole 69 position with Jenny, but ended up snapping his neck in the proccess
by mafioso March 23, 2003
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When a non-white person is attracted sexually to white people. Originally it was used for when a black man dates white women, but now it could refer to a black man who thinks white women are hot and wants to date them
Daquan has frosty fever. He can't get enough of that white pussy.
by mafioso May 5, 2016
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Silicon enhancements for middle aged women.
Mike's mom used his grandfather's inheritance to buy implants.
by mafioso April 22, 2003
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Gang Green Mafia, a group of South Florida Brats, often associated with The Drudges.
The GGM mafiosos be reppin those green bandanas.
by mafioso November 11, 2005
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