what you wont get because your looking it up on urban dictionary and jerking off
Guy 1: MAN! I'm so TURNED ON by looking up white pussy on urban dictionary
Guy 2: Yeah great no one cares
by BLаZe May 23, 2019
Worst PUSSY, it is dry and taste like old coffee and pescado
by Maria Antoinette March 23, 2018
People say black pussy stinks but everyone is fine with tuna white pussy
by ISHFWILF October 31, 2018
Sometimes it smells like tuna and yet everyone is fine with that
Friend: What's that smell?

Me: It's white pussy
by ISHFWILF October 31, 2018
Not the best pussy ever
It can smell like tuna
White pussy? Why does it smell like tuna?
by ISHFWILF October 29, 2018
When a weight lifting coach on steroids gets mad at the wrong kid so he calls everyone a white pussy faggot instead; supposed to be an insult but is actually a funny joke.
You guys are a bunch of white pussy faggots
by mr. chigga December 5, 2019