When a woman's cold nipples poke erect through her shirt
Did you see Mrs. Johnson in class today? The room was freezing and she was nipping like a champion!
by mafioso April 23, 2003
David was nipping at my ankles

Milena after started nipping his neck <3
by colourful_clouds January 25, 2011
nipping is usually used in giving hickies , and / or sexual terms.
as jess typed in the groupchat , pleasing jack , she still can't get over the word nipping , and is literally the most enthusatic person ever about the word nipping.
by thesleepingtrojian September 1, 2018
The act of going out and hanging with the nips (syn: nick's bitches), with the possibility of "mad sex"* following the going out.

*Nicolas Hasegawa, Quote
Nick, are we going nipping this weekend or what?
by piro May 16, 2003
a small and funnier word for nipples, mostly used for quite pokey nipples
go suck edwards nip nips
by chris neaves April 18, 2004
Sending someone a pictuture of your nipple expecting to receive a picture of their nipple in return.
Yo homie, let's go nip for nip. You show me yours and I'll show you mine!
by Dolfyn Stamos December 30, 2016
A shorter version of th word nipples. Also happens to sound funnier and more appealing.
After a chilly swim in a river one guy notices that his friends nipples are hard as diamonds.

Man A: dude watch it, your nip-nips are so hard they could kill!

Man B: Thank alot just make me feel like more retarded why don't ya.

Man A: I'm just saying bro watch it...
by Ozzie Rodriguez November 15, 2009