a scary creature that scares me if you see a white women RUN
person1:"is that a white women?"

person 2:"RUN BILLY RUN"
by jason37 November 3, 2022
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Specimen which cannot handle not being at the center of attention for five days. Hijacked the LGBT movement and made up neogenders so they can push themselves into yet another space they're not apart of and now they're hijacking BLM.
American White Women are a disease
by Slayyytard November 19, 2020
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Hey yall 'm just trying to find the white women. If you know where they be just holla.
Yo if you find some white woman just holla at cha boy, cause we all been wondering where the white women at
by Tyrone from security August 3, 2010
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The word you say when the surroundings become very awkward and or silent
by WeirdSeagull November 6, 2023
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An inquiry as to the nearest whereabouts of a woman of Caucasian descent, as spoken by a male of African descent; the only 7 words that a nigga knows.
Steve: Hello, Tyrone, how are you doing today?
Tyrone: Ooga Booga where da white women at?
Steve: By golly, Tyrone, do you not know how to say anything else?
Tyrone: Ooga Booga, where da white women at?
Steve: *sighs*
by Shaquille O'Real February 29, 2012
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The refusal, from the Man without narcissism camouflaged as a Woman in red, to nut in white women anymore after having participated in such an act before, because theyve had their fill.
"I dont Nut in White Women No Mo', I've had my fill, reality was rewrote."
Woman of Women: "oh okay"
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