The colloquial term for any cases of traveler's diarrhea contracted by tourists visiting Mexico. The name humorously refers to Moctezuma II, the ruler of the Aztec civilization who was defeated and slaughtered by Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador. The white Spainiards would then continue to enslave or obliterate the Aztec people.
It is said that whenever a white person has diarrhea while visiting Mexico, he is suffering the wrath of Montezuma's revenge.
by SmashingJack October 20, 2008
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diarrhea contracted by tourists in Mexico (see also Aztec two-step)
Remember,if you drink the water in Mexico, you will get Montezuma's revenge.
by Light Joker June 11, 2005
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I ate the raw oysters, and wham! I had a bad case of Montezuma's revenge
by Cornholio September 30, 2003
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caused by the presence of amoeba's in one's digestive system due to drinking water or most anything that hasn't been cooked in mexico.
I could only talk to my girlfriend 10 minutes at a time due to montezuma's revenge.
by Reed April 25, 2006
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having the urge to shart up a storm in your pantaloons and having to run into a restaraunt to throw a shart grenade in their toilet.
Maarrrrrk had Montezuma's revenge and almost didnt make it. zzzoooooooooooom
by Maarrrrrthew June 5, 2005
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A nickname for an alcoholic drink comprised of a wide mixture of hard liquor drinks mixed together into one bottle. Known for it's foul taste, strong smell, and an ability to caused blackouts, vomiting and a rough morning after.

Typically created when there isn't enough liquor in the bottle to use by itself, or, when you really just want to get fucked up that night.

There is no real set recipe for Montezuma's revenge, just mix and match liquors and drink until you feel ready. It's not recommend to attempt to dance after you drank some, despite you feeling the urge too.
"I was drinking some Montezumas revenge man, and good lord was I on the floor at the end of the night."

Party goer 1: "Hey, whats in the bottle?"
Party goer 2: "Itsh someish montezisichmas revenge."
Party goer 1: "The fuck?"
Party goer 3: "He said Montezuma's revenge. You might want to stand back, he's going to puke everywhere in a little bit."
Party goer 2: *PUKE*
Party goer 3: "Remember kids, Montezuma's revenge is no joke. Be careful when you drink it."
by HenchyWorldPeace January 9, 2013
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A gringo term for getting the runs from visiting Mexico
and being a dumb gringo and drinking the tap water, or eating spicy food...silly gringo...oops I'm a gringo.
Honey do we have any Pepto I just got Montezuma's revenge?
by thedzone October 4, 2009
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