A bitchy fat ugly cunt who thinks she's pretty because of her fake plastic eyes. She screams like a bitch whos burning.
Whenever you walk past her tell her to take off her dumb cakey foundation and plastic eyes. She has a large shark nose full of snakes.
"Loxford School has the most dumbest headteacher. She must be a fucking rat"

Mrs. Johnson is a sket
by PeopleWhoAreDumbCunts May 21, 2019
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A fat retarded science teacher. She likes to believe that she's not fat and retarded at her job, but we all know that she's a whore on the inside.
When I talk about the devil and Osama Binladin mating and having a kid, I'm talking about Mrs. Johnson.
by I Hate You, Alot! April 20, 2010
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The most annoying bitch in the 9 realms. If you think you have a bad teacher then think again. The amount of bullshitery achieved by Mrs. Johnson will leave you wanting to kill yourself.

Exp. "You can listen to musical, but it has to be on the Chromebooks and it has to be clean."
Holy fucking shit I hate Mrs. Johnson so fucking much.
by Big_B00ty January 13, 2020
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When a male swings his body back with his penis or "Mr Johnson" firmly grasped in his hand with the intention of slapping a woman or women in the face with it, while saying "say hello to mr johnson"
The Crack whore was sitting on the computer chair waiting as he started to swing his penis at her face with the words "say hello to mr johnson" being said.
by morris chestnut August 06, 2009
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Many Lesbian's name for thier strap-on or dildo.
We named our strap-on Mr. Johnson after reading the name of our lubricant, Doc Johnson.
by SexayJessi June 27, 2006
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Mr. Johnson is a pretty amazing music teacher. He’s an introvert at heart but with music, he is like a whole different person. His instrument is the trombone. He’s super sweet, nice, funny and just a good person to be around. Depending on how much time/class periods you have with him, he can become a “father figure”. Some people could refer to him as “dad”. If you have a Mr. Johnson in your life, you will be grateful that he is and that you are able to talk to him about pretty much anything.
Girl in choir: I just absolutely love choir!
Boy: Why? Is it because of Mr. Johnson?

Boy in band: Mr. Johnson is so cool that he plays the trombone!
by Freklz March 05, 2021
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