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A description of the Dutch language or people (may also include Flemish).
The official languages of Belgium are Frog, Clog, and Kraut.
by m0thra October 16, 2018
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A shill is a person who disingenuously sells a product or an idea.

By comparison, a grifter is a person who disingenuously sells a persona. A grifter purports to be or represent something, but they are actually not. They may:

* Pretend to be another ethnicity for a perceived benefit (e.g. Rachel Dolezal, Jack Murphy, Elizabeth Warren)
* Sell a life stance at odds with their actual private life (e.g. Jordan Peterson, Jack Murphy again)
* Aggressively promote some cause in advance of their personal gain (Shaun King, Patrisse Cullors)
* Scam naïve investors in a hopeless business venture (Elizabeth Holmes, Adam Neumann)
That grifter always shows up at incidents like this to bemoan cause x with his cap in his hand.
by m0thra August 30, 2022
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To get stuck in terrain in a 3D game engine.
Damnit, there's a maphole near one of these boulders. I'm jamped. Can someone kill me plz kthx.
by m0thra February 15, 2020
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The use of a woman's brassiere as a holder of various items such as keys, cards, cash, etc in lieu of carrying a handbag.
Barbara slipped her room key in the ol' upstairs fanny pack and went down to dinner.
by m0thra May 1, 2023
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Sandra sent some homegroan pics and vids to Bob to keep him entertained whilst she was away.
by m0thra September 17, 2022
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A computer for gay men and grandma, the MacBook.
Oh great, my FagBook needs to an expensive trip to the repair shop yet again.
by m0thra February 27, 2023
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