instead of; in the place of
In lieu of having a test today, we are going to have a class discussion.
by fbiwannab February 9, 2006
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A Robloxcore artist that's relatively big in the Hyperpop/Glitchcore/Digicore scene.
She's a bitch, and most of her fans know that, but they stay listening to her music because its good.
"ay you heard that new lieu yet?"
"nah bro, she blocked me on SoundCloud"
by cal1co June 3, 2021
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in lieu (of) ~ instead (of) / in place (of)

archaic noun "the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another"
He worked on Sunday and took Monday off in lieu.
They gave some books in lieu of payment for the work I did.
It will be gone, and you will have nothing valuable in lieu of it.
by VirusCZ December 21, 2019
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A word to shout when one is enlightened by something
Female 1: Lieu!
Female 2: what are you so happy about?
Female 1: I got an A on my exam!
Female 2: oh lieu!
by Lieu@2 July 12, 2009
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Leave nominally granted to an employee in return for working extra hours outside the agreed arrangements. Is often spent working from home because said employee in obsessed with work and has ADHD. Such time could be better spent buying a rug or coffee table from Heathcote.
Fingers: Yo, I'm taking tomorrow as time in lieu for working on Sunday, OK?
Mr T: Alright. Are you going to buy that rug from Rozelle?
by 3nigm@ July 6, 2009
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Bac Lieu is a name of a town and province in Vietnam in which it also resides within

The slang meaning of Bac Lieu is that it was meanings as it can be used as an adjective in a sentence but mostly used in a sexual context
To tell someone to go Fuck off or to Fuck themselves you would say; go bac lieu yourself.

Getting ripped off or sabotage; this person bac lieu'd me over

To have sex or to ejaculate; I want to bac lieu this chick, or this girl is so hot I bac lieu'd myself
by anon....... March 19, 2011
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I was on holiday in Shanghai in China. I cannot understand Chinese but one day a word just popped up in my head like that 'Ping Lieu' and from that moment I thought this is a new chinese word. The word means something like 'beautiful angel'. I always say it to my beautiful wife Nicha, I Love you
Waauuuwww you really are a 'Ping Lieu'
by Look Ling November 25, 2010
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