A blatantly sarcastic way of saying "Ok, thanks" in 1337 sp3ak.
-Internet talk isn't even worthy of being called a dialect. It's a mutilation of language, and we are the people who have to compensate for it's brazen idiocy.
-lol kthx
by Rendar55 August 27, 2003
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The root "word" of several kthx* phrases. (such as kthxbye and kthxdie) Commonly used in IRC chats to express sarcastic lameness, implying that you're having to step down to talking "their" language when addressing a lamer.
<User1> kthxrtfmplz
<llama> KTHXSTFU
* Op has banned *llama*@*
* llama has been kicked from #example by Op (plzdiekthxbye)
by djv January 20, 2003
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Shortened form of "okay thanks", in ironic or sarcastic defiance of possible disagreement from the other party.
Dad I can take your car today kthxbai

Go educate yourself kthx

by ulzha October 16, 2008
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Derived from years of IRC word creation
Shortened and "strengthened" form of "kay, thanks" in that it carries more power than saying "kay, thanks" would. Also used as a prefix of suffix (see examples)
Fred: Die plzkthx.
Bob: plz2stfukthx
Fred: kthx
by Ultimation July 29, 2003
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Among other usages of this word, if someone is being a real idiot, it can be used after you prove them wrong/make them look like a fool/pwn them.
Idiot: 2+2=5
Anybody else: No, 2+2=4. Learn some math. Kthx.
by Thrash January 25, 2004
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An phrase short for "Okay, thanks" that originated somewhere on the internet a really long time ago. A snarky, quick dismissal. The word today is now old and unfunny, and everybody who still uses it should be lined up and shot.

Scenesters are obsessed with it and end practically every sentence with it. Somebody tell them to stop. For the love of God, please.
Retarded scenester faggot: SUP NIGZ! Mah LJ is friends only, biiiiiiiotch. Kthx. &#9829;
by o_rly_factor September 3, 2005
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A polite way of asking a question or exo-completing a statement.
Üb3R: pleese can i have sum chocylat kthx
ch00b: omg u r lame stfu kthx
Üb3R: no u r mean and i happen to be an 3l33t hacc0r
ch00b: hahaha n00b, u cannot hacc0r i ph0r i r gold host
ch00b: omg me b00t j00
Üb3R has left the conversation
Üb3R has joined the conversation
ch00b has left the conversation
Üb3R has made Üb3R an owner
Üb3R: pwned
Üb3R: kthx
dbzn00b: omg i ph33r =O
by waffle September 22, 2003
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