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1. three-dimensional

2. having to do with a movie, game, etc. that is made with three-dimensional animated images
3D animation is almost always computer generated.
by The Return of Light Joker January 30, 2008
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1. Highly exagerated. 2. Extra-ordinary. 3. Very Vivid or highly defined
'Your girlfriend has big boobs bro.'
'No man, they are actually 3D! I bet they look fake.'
by IaM WeZ October 23, 2013
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Isabella: my brother says Angela's got an attitude problem
Kenny: Well, she does. But her attitude stems from not getting 3D
Isabella: Yeah, tell me about it.
Isabella: I could use that myself.
Kenny: word.
Kenny: Dinner Friday night?
by artist6000 January 26, 2015
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Short for 3-Demensional, meaning an object has 3 demensions.
Wow, that cude is 3D.
by SmartGuy January 29, 2003
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The Counter-strike clan that is the best, Yep, they are. I don't play for them really, but I watch them on hltv. they are good. Probably better than epar.
zEx vs 3D IRC bot in #team3d
by [3D]-Levine`Torbull July 16, 2003
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3d is an abbreviation for dare-devil dodge.

It means to dodge at the last possible moment - commonly within a hack-and-slash.

Usually a player will 3d for style points, or for a mechanical benefit as in Bayonetta with Witch Time
Mate if you wanna rack up that score you've gotta 3d. Only scrubs dodge immediately!
by Pompadour Pug June 06, 2018
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The 3-D, commonly reffered to as the "triple D" or "3 dimensional date". This is a term used when trying to get with a girl.

3-D consists of:

1. Dinner
2. Date (dinner could be date or a movie, ect)
3. Dickwet

that's all you need with a girl.

Also... The first 2 D's are "optional".
"yo Joey what's goin on tonight bro?"

"3-D baby!"

"word, tell me how the 3rd D goes!"
by BeezyB603 February 01, 2010
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